All talks are located in the Federation of Graduate Women Room, Old Government House at the University of Auckland’s city campus, except where stated otherwise.

Monday 31 August

8.30am — Registration open

9am — Conference welcome

9.15am — Carisa Showden, The University of Auckland, ‘A brief disquisition on Intersectionality: how it developed, where it is now, and why it’s good for you.’

9.45am — Elizabeth Smith, Macquarie University, ‘Aphrodite’s Tortoise and the post-colonial feminist approach to female head covering practices: the value of an intersectional response.’

10.30am — Caroline Chong, The University of Melbourne, ‘A modified approach to intersectionality: Cicero’s use of gender and ethnicity in the Pro Scauro.’

11am — Morning tea

11.30am — Peter Keegan, Macquarie University, ‘Intersectionality at the margins of Roman society.’

12.30pm — Lunch break (self-catered)

1.30pm — Elizabeth Eltze, The University of Auckland, ‘Gods’ wives, mothers, and matriarchs: the development of feminine power in ancient North Africa and the rise of the Meroitic queens.’

2.30pm — Afternoon tea

3pm — Susan Thorpe, The University of Auckland, ‘‘Write to the woman Tey saying if she approaches me I will strike her’ – portrayal of women in ancient Egyptian personal correspondence.’

3.30pm — Zoë Henry and Marcia Leenen-Young, The University of Auckland, ‘Intersectionality on the ground: Maori and Pacific Islander student experiences in Classics and Ancient History.’

4pm — Afternoon tea (sponsored by AWAWS)
Note: special venue 1-11 Short St, level 5

Keynote speaker, public lecture 6pm — Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz, Hamilton College, ‘Intersectional analysis in Classics: defining rape and race in Aeschylus’ Suppliants.’
Note: special venue Lecture Theatre G36, Old Government House

7.15pm — Post-lecture reception, Members’ lounge, Old Government House

Tuesday 1 September

9am — Alessandro Maranesi, University of Nijmegen, ‘”Corrupted by his fortune, abandoned to the pleasures with fury”: Emperor Elagabalus’ intersectional anti-propaganda.’
Note: special venue room G10 in Commerce A (building 114)

9.45am — Rowan Emily Ash, University of Western Ontario, ‘Wit, conventional wisdom, and wilful blindness: intersections between sex, gender, class, and ethnicity in the fifth of Lucian’s Dialogues of the Courtesans.’

10.30am — Morning tea

11am — Caroline Brumbridge, The University of Auckland, ‘A hidden agenda? Gender, individuality and the veracity of the female ‘voice’ in the ancient Egyptian Love Songs.’

12pm — Lunch break (self-catered)

1pm — Mark Masterson, Victoria University of Wellington, ‘Some intersectionalities in elite men’s culture in Byzantium (circa 1000).’

2pm — Matthew Chaldekas, University of Southern California, ‘Lost at the intersection: the erasure of Egyptian women in Theocritus’ Adonaizusae.’

2.45pm — Afternoon tea

3.15pm — Lawrence Xu, The University of Auckland, ‘Evidence of intersectionality during late Hellenistic Egypt – a case study with Pathyris and the archive of Horos.’

4pm — Discussion and concluding remarks

7pm — Conference dinner